About KCYM

Kerala Catholic Youth Movement (KCYM) is the official State/Regional Organization under KCBC Commission for youth. It is affiliated to the National Youth Body 'Indian Catholic Movement' (ICYM). From 1968 onwards some of the dioceses began the work of organizing youth and using their youthfulness both for the church and for the society. It took a long period of 10 years to organize the movement in the state/ regional level. And it was in 1978, with much preparation by bishops, priests and laity the youth organization started by the name Kerala Catholic Youth Movement. It is consisted of youngsters between the age group of 15- 35 years who subscribe to the Catholic values and principles. The beneficiaries will be even the youth of different religion.

The main aim of KCYM is 'the Integral Development of the Catholic Youth and the Total Liberation of Human Society in accordance with the Christian values'. It is to coordinate and empower the human potentials of youth based on the Gospel values, to make them effective agents of change in the socio-religious-political-economic and cultural reality of India, especially of Kerala through National integration. It also aims at making the youth committed to the serving mission of the Church to the least, last and the lost.

In this regard, suggestions have to be called in from all sections to work out the ways and means as to how it will be possible for youngsters to bring in changes in our culture without sacrificing its values, integrity and dignity. Culture is the theme of our existence as also the backbone of the religious cultural activities. To formulate a liberative culture is not an easy task nor is it the work of an individual alone as it is associated with religion and other cultural activities. Therefore in view of this, we are called collectively and unitedly to reform cultural activities, irrespective if caste, creed and religion so that we can live in the world of today in an atmosphere of understanding, love and togetherness.

It is a federation of 30 diocesan youth movements of Kerala. Each affiliated diocesan movement has equal rights in the federation. Youth between the age of 15- 35 are eligible for membership. Each diocese has its own structure in the Parish, Forane and Diocesan level under the patronage of the local bishop. The representatives of the parish units come to constitute the Forane body and the Forane representatives form the Diocesan body of KCYM. Representatives are elected from the diocesan bodies to constitute the state body which is called the Senate and Syndicate of KCYM.